Informing National & State Legislators
on critical issues on drug use policy
Strive for Equity
Addressing the public health side of substance use disorders
Substance Use is a Public Health Issue
Provide care not victimization
Stop Prescription Drug Misuse
Shift Funding to People Care and Communities
and away from Incarceration
Decriminalize Personal Use Recreational Cannibis
Provide Equity in the court systems

Baltimore Project

The East Baltimore DFC developed and implemented a prevention messaging campaign as a youth substance use prevention movement throughout Baltimore City #WeAin'tBlightWeBloom.

DC Project

NAADPC Wards 1 & 2 HNC/PFS:NAADPC received funding fromSubstance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration(SAMHSA)

DC Project II

NAADPC DCOR WARD 1 & 2 WASHINGTON D.C.:NAADPC received funding from the D.C. Department of Behavioral Health to implement the D.C. Opioids Response Grant (DCOR)

Education & Advocacy

NAADPC engages in community grassroots education and youth mentorship on an on-going basis. We also advocate through regular communication with stakeholders on substance use policy and public health strategies

Shift public resources into education, prevention, treatment and research programs.

Doing the right thing at the right time for equity in substance use disorder.

Analyzing Impact

NAADPC is continually monitoring disparities in sentencing, treatment availability and restoration of rights.

Enhancing Programs

NAADPC promotes new program creation and helps our partners with programmatic ideas.

Strategy & Planning

There is ongoing reassessment and realignment of the strategic plan based on the legislative landscape.

Fundraising Planing

Our long range mission drives our fundraising initiatives and grant seeking.

Growth Tracking

We are constantly looking to grow our partner organizations across the United States.

Drug Policy Consults

NAADPC provides SME on various issues on substance use disorders for speakers, hearings and publications.

The National African American Drug Policy Coalition is a coalition of pre-eminent African American professional organizations.

The National African American Drug Policy Coalition is a coalition of pre-eminent African American professional organizations united to promote drug policies and laws that embrace the public health nature of drug abuse and provide a more effective and humane approach to address the chronic societal problem of drug abuse.

Our Projects

Doing the right thing
at the right time

Focused Agenda

The NAADPC provides a non-partisan forum for developing and promoting policies and practices related to substance abuse in the African American community. The organization will present an interdisciplinary, scientifically grounded perspective, and thereby provide a voice now missing from the highly polarized debate on public health versus punitive approaches.

Community Outreach 70%
Substance Use Diversion Projects 85%
Youth Prevention Strategies 65%
Stakeholder Education 75%

We Are Subject Matter Experts

Experienced Judges, Lawyers, Social Workers, Substance Use Counselors, Physicians, Nurses, Psychologists and PhD Researchers from
every business

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